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What is 168 pigs fenced in 12 pens?

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You could put 14 pigs in each pen.
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How pig of a pen to pigs need?

Pigs need a pen atleast 4ft by 5ft, if you are going to put more than one pig in the pen, it is best to make the stall about 7ft by 9ft. You can adjust the spacing as you see

You are 12 and you weigh 168 pounds?

  Make sure you are getting adequate exercise and eating right. Common weight gains come from eating to many refined carbs and too much fat. A little more running and a

What is 168 divided by 12?

168 divided by 12 is 14, because 12 goes into 168 14 times, or 12 multiplied by 14 is 168.

What is the quotient of 12 and 168?

You should use your calculator for such simple sums. It is far quicker and involves fewer key depressions than posting the question on WA. I could tell you the answer but how
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What is 12 into 168?

168 divided by 12 equals 14.