What instrument measures gas pressure?

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A pressure gauge ...
unless you call it a tire gauge.
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Instrument for measuring air pressure?

The instruments to measure air pressure in the ambient surroundings include: . a mercury barometer . ananeroid barometer . a weather glass Air pressure can also be m

What instrument measures wind pressure?

\n. \n. Not sure about pressure but wind speed is measured by an ANENOMETER. \n. You may be able to meaure its pressure by some form of dynamometer (basically a spring-

An instrument which measures the pressure of a gas vapor?

Gas pressure can be measured using several different instruments including: Hydrostatic gauges - like a manometer or barometer Piston gauges - like tire pressure gauges

What instrument measures blood pressure?

They call it a Sphygmomanometer . (Sphyg mo manometer.) The word derives from the Greek for pulse, Sphyg. and Manometer for a pressure meter. For traditional reasons, the
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What Instrument measures liquid pressure?

A manometer is normally used to measure liquid pressure . A manometer could also be referring to a pressure measuring device, usually limited to measuring pressures near to