What if your flu shot was given subcutaneously?

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It may give you symptoms of irritation at the site of the injection and be more sore. It may give an incomplete immunization. It will likely not do long term harm, but, in the US, you should contact the management at the place where you received the injection incorrectly so that they are aware that this has happened and ask them to file an "Adverse Event" report with VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). You can also file a report yourself at VAERS, see the related link to the VAERS site in the related links section below.

Just to be sure it was incorrectly administered, there is a new vaccine for the 2011-2012 flu season approved for use in the US that is given intradermally (in the layers of the skin). That vaccine is specially formulated to be given differently than the vaccines for IM (intramuscular) injection. There is no approved subcutaneous formulation approved in the US. Find out which vaccine you were given and confirm that it was administered by the incorrect route.
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Where are flu shots given for children?

In young children they are usually given in the large muscle of the lateral thigh. If the child is developed well enough to have good muscle tissue available in the arm, they

Can flu shots be given in the hip?

Unless there is some obscure local legislation, yes. The majority of shots can be give almost anywhere. Come places are more effective however it is possible to get a flu shot

Can flu shots be given in the thigh?

Yes. Flu shots can be given in any muscle tissue. In adults they are usually given in the muscle of the upper arm, in children the thigh muscle is used most often.

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Is the flu shot administered subcutaneously?

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What if flu shot was not given in the muscle?

If it were given in the subcutaneous tissue, it will not hurt, but may not be effective or as effective. Ask your health care professional if you should have a second vaccinat

Can flu shots be given in the Gluteal area?

They can be, but usually aren't. This is mostly because many people get red and tender tissue at the site of the injection for a few days after the shot. It is much easier to

Does a flu shot work if given subcutaneously?

Most of the flu vaccines for injection are designed to be given in the muscle tissue. If your injection was given with the wrong length needle and it ended up in the subcutane
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How soon after being diagnosed with flu can a flu shot be given?

The 'flu shot' - is not a treatment - it's a inoculation. It'sdesigned to 'kick-start' a person's immune system just in case theycontract the flu virus. It's not designed to t