What homeowners insurance companies do not discriminate by dog breed?

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Homeowners insurance and Dogs
No insurance company discriminates against a dog or breed, However, Insurance companies are increasingly unwilling to be liable for injury due to dog attacks and more specifically certain breeds that have been associated with historical high liability claims rates.

Many insurers are no longer being specific about the type of dog covered because policy language and structure these days increasingly excludes coverage for all damage or injuries caused by pets by default. When they are excluded it no longer matters as to your dog breed because no coverage is afforded for damages that result from our choice of pet.

More Input from Faq Farmers
  • State Farm does not have any breed specific rules. I too had to shop around because I have a pitbull.
  • I have been a happy State Farm client for 6 years. I was in a car accident and the person who hit me had them for insurance. I was so impressed with the way they handled my claim, I changed my insurance company to include health and home owners. I was even happier the day that I "slipped" and mentioned my "Bubba" was a pit, my agent went on to talk about she too had a mix!

Allstate Insurance, I have had very good service from this company. I own Cane Corso Mastiff, Dogo Canario, and Doberman. Additionally, I foster all breed types. When I added this home to the policy, they just came out, looked at the exterior of the home and that was it. No problems.

I would be careful to make sure you are being up front with your insurer regarding your dog's breed. This issue is relatively new to the marketplace and is ever changing. Many insurers will charge you more premium for a specific breed and others will exclude certain breeds if you have a claim. As long you are upfront with the breed and understand the ramifications of having that breed (higher premium, reduced coverage, etc) then you should be all set
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