What happens in unsolved child abuse?

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Why does child abuse happen?

because some people are just crazy or in other cases people just can't control their attitude and don't care about there child

Why does child abuse happens?

It sometimes happens because parents think that hitting or yelling at a child is a proper way of disciplining a child. Like it's the most effective way.

How does child abuse happen?

Child abuse (verbal to physical and not sexual) can occur if one or both parents have been brought up in an environment of abusive behavior. It has always been believed that a

Why is child abuse happening?

Because, there is a hell of a lot of people out there that dont care and really can not be bothered with there children or what happens to them. to be honest if people are goi

How will you know when child abuse is happenning?

Most often, you will not. Even if you believe abuse is occurring, you may not be certain unless you actually see it. And, even then, your definition of abuse may be different