What happened to Zaire?

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It became Congo. The Zaire river is the Congo river. It is the same thing, it is now just called something else.
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Where is Zaire?

Zaire is now known as Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa, on the Equator.

What was the capital of Zaire?

The capital of Zaire was Kinshasa. This is still the capital of the country under its current name, The Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Zaire was previously the Belgian Co

What is Zaire famous for?

Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo, is famous for its music . Lingala, one of the national languages, is known as "the language of song." Congolese dance music, espe

Who lives in Zaire?

Zairians. (Sometimes spelled Zaireans.) But Zaire is now called the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Congolese people live there.
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What is a zaire?

The zaire was the main unit of currency of the Republic of Zairebetween 1967 and 1997.