What happened to Just Right cereal?

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Kellogs stoped selling it in the US. Looks like the brits, aussies, and canadians still get it. =(
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What happened to Count Chocula cereal?

Nothing happened to Count Chocola cereal. ..It's still on the market; along with Frankenberry and Booberry. ...The only two cereals in the Monster cereals collection by General Mills, no longer sold on the market, are : "Fruit Brute" and "Fruity Yummy Mummy". ...The first was on the maket in '75 or '76 ; but only lasted 2 or 3 weeks. .. The second was was on the market in the early 80s; but only lasted mearly 1/2 - 1 month, before being removed.

What is cereal?

It's usually a meal eaten sometimes throughout the morning, because you make sure you get all the vitamins you need before you take another meal. It's usually made with artificial and natural flavors and different ingredients . Cereals intended for children usually contain more sugar and artificial colourings and flavourings.

What happens if you dont eat enough cereals?

you don't get enough fibres or other carbohydrates, or protein, Vitamin B, Iron, and other nutrients found in cereals. Then again, you wouldn't get half of these anyway if it is a refined grain cereal like coco-pops..

What happens if you give a baby field mouse sweetened cereal?

I imagine something similar to what happens when you feed a human child a Big Gulp from 7-11. I'd use unsweetened stuff for the majority of its diet, but they can eat just about anything we do. He'll probably really like some bugs and you can try different fruit, veggies, nuts, grain etc. They usually love peanut butter, just keep an eye on the salt intake. Too much salt will be much worse than too much sugar, salted nuts or potato chips are too much for regular consumption and will dehydrate him. Whatever you're feeding it just image what would happen to you if you ate the equal amount. So if you ate say 2% of your body weight in chocolate or Doritos you'd probably end up in the hospital, but lettuce, potatoes, bugs etc you'll be fine.

What just happened?

Everything. Someone dies, someone's born, it's someone's birthday, some guy gets punched in the face, something gets set on fire, someone's eating lunch, the list could go on and on for paragraphs and I guarantee you it's happening somewhere.

What happened with the cereal team?

The cereal team represents the different types and brands of cereals. Many of the cereals have been discontinued and many things have been changed like the boxes and the prizes inside. Due to parental complaints some cereals have been discontinued or no longer advertised.