What groups did Hitler target for elimination?

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Why did Hitler target the jews for elimination?

Hitler target the Jews for elimination since he believed that theywere responsible for most of the events in the world that affectedhis country. This was also a way of showing

What other groups did Hitler targeted for persecution?

If you mean other than the main six or seven groups that are always mentioned; young people who listened to American music, people who supported him before he went to prison,

Why did Adolph Hitler target groups?

Jews POWS Ethnic poles romani freemason Disabled people Mentally ill slovenes Jehovah's Witnesses Homosexuals Ethnic Slovenes slavs Ethnic surbs Negr

What other groups of people did Hitler target?

Anyone unlike him. He believed that the Germans were the master race on the earth and all others were inferior. Especially: Jews, English, French.... He even had a perfect