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What group of animals causes trichinosis and elephantitis?

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In underdeveloped regions of South America, Central Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean, it can be caused by a parasitic disease known as lymphatic filariasis.

Lymphatic filariasis is caused by three different species ofworms known as Brugia malayi, Brugia timori and Wuchereria bancrofti. These worms cause damage and inflammation to the
lymphatic system.

The larval form of the worms is introduced into the human body through the bite of infected mosquitoes.
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What is trichinosis?

Trichinosis is a parasitic disease cause by eating under cooked pork and wild game and is caused by the trichina round worm.

What causes elephantitis?

Elephantiasis is caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system ofthe body. This creates a backup of lymph, a type of fluid, in theareas of the blockage.

Can you massage elephantitis?

i dont know get a better answer than dis . it's a disease caused by a parasitic bug that makes a certain part of your limbs to swell

Why is there no trichinosis in Australia?

Tasmania is the only State of Australia listed by the WHO as having endemic trichinosis in its wildlife. The Tasmanian Department responsible for permitting a game meat indust

How do you prevent trichinosis?

avoid undercooked meat products . freezing your meats for an extended period of time will kill bacteria . Always cook your meat products thoroughly. . Trichinosis is mainly

Is trichinosis an STD?

No, trichinosis is a type of intestinal parasitic worm. You get trichinosis by eating raw pork or bear. Trichomoniasis is an STD.

Can elephantes jump?

No they cannot jup due to their heavy weight. but it has been said that baby elephants can.

What can cause trichinosis?

Eating raw or under cooked pork or wild game infected with the parasite's larve.

Why does eating under cooked pork cause trichinosis in humans?

Trichinosis is a type of roundworm infection. Roundworms are parasites that use a host body to stay alive and reproduce. Trichinosis occurs primarily among meat-eating animals

What is elephantitis of the nuts?

Elephantiasis is a condition that is due to a parasite. The parasite wiggles into your lymph vessels and blocks the flow of lymph back into circulation and causes swelling in
In Pork

Will eating pork rinds cause trichinosis?

Pork Rinds are deep fried in canola oil to a CRISP. Nothing in thisworld will survive that heat temperature so pork rinds are safe.Trichinosis only lerks in under cooked pork.