What foods should you eat to help lucid dreaming?

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Some suggestions are:
Dairy products (in particular milk and cheese), milkshakes, fresh fruit juice, avocados, nuts, St John's Wart tea... Different things affect different people in different ways. It's best focus on the methods, improving dream recall, keeping your lucid dreaming goals, and reading plenty on the subject to keep your mind focused on attaining lucidity.
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How do you lucid dream?

ANSWER 1: Follow one of the many techniques like MILD or WILD to induce luciddreams. Keep a dream journal and record all dreams. Steps to Improving Lucid Dreaming 1. Thro

How can you have lucid dreams?

ANSWER 1: Create a dream journal, that is the main cornerstone for everylucid dreamer. Do reality checks often, try whats called a WILD(wake initiated lucid dream), in your dr

What is a lucid dream?

From what I know, a lucid dreamer is somebody who may have developed the ability to control their dreams. For instance, a study was done before where a man, before going to be

How do you have a lucid dream?

Excellent question. Being an experienced lucid dreamer myself, there are dozens of way, but for a beginner, i recommend the MILD (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams), techniqu

Who can have lucid dreams?

Absolutely anyone. Although, it does come more naturally to some people than others. Some people have them throughout their lives. I had to work really hard at it, but BOY was

What does ''Lucid Dreams'' mean?

a lucid dream is when you become aware that you are dreaming during your dream, and once you practice controlling your dreams and get really good at it, you can do whatever yo

Is a dream journal required to lucid dream and will it help me lucid dream?

It is not required, but what it does is gets your brain actively engaged in thinking about dreaming for a decent period of time in a day. Dreams are the easiest things to forg

Does marijuana help lucid dreaming?

It depends... I can say from personal experience that it does not help. For me, I remember significantly less of my dreams when I smoke. The chances of me actually realizing I

What is the opposite of lucid dreams?

In a lucid dream, the conscious mind maintains some level of awareness. The dreamer knows that a dream is occurring and may be able to have some control over what happens in t

How can you induce a Lucid Dream?

Try jumping into the air a few times a day when nobody is around. Do this daily. After three to four weeks, if you've been consistent, you'll have a dream where you jump into

Can someone help me lucid dream?

Try jumping into the air a few times a day when nobody is around. Do this daily. After three to four weeks, if you've been consistent, you'll have a dream where you jump into

Is there anyone with lucid dreaming experience that can help me?

If you would like to lucid dream, you should start trying to remember your "normal" dream after you wake up. The purpose of this is: If you can't remember regular dreams, ther

Do lucid dreams cause false awakenings Should I lucid dream And how to stop false awakenings?

Being more concious in a dream will let you pay more atention to the details, but no, Lucid dreams don't particulary produce false awakening. Should you? I don't know that'