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What five letter word which is also the make and model for a car is a word for 'nippon light bulb'?

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How do you make a potato light a light bulb?

All right. Get two 8 in. lengths of insulated copper wires and cut the potato in half. Stick the two wires in each of them on the sides of them. Hook them up to the light bulb

What kind of light bulbs are in your car?

There are a huge range of car bulbs that vary by application and manufacturer. The best way of locating the correct bulbs is to check your vehicle handbook, or look them up in

Words you can make out of the word lights?

slight   light   sight   hit   sit   hits   gist   tis   *hit   slit   hilt   hilts   its   it   hi   his   thi

Can a car battery light a bulb?

Most car batteries are 12 volts. They can light 12 volt bulbs. The  bulbs in your house are likely 120 volt bulbs. A car battery will  not light those without some very spec