What exactly is the mucus plug and what does it look like or how can you tell if you have just lost yours?

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The mucous plug is a collection of cervical mucus that seals the opening of the cervix. It keeps bacteria and infection from entering into the cervix, providing a protective barrier for the developing baby.
Some women describe the mucous plug as looking more like the mucous in your nose. It may look like a thick glob of stringy mucous, thicker than what you would see with normal vaginal secretions. If you are close to going into labor you may see pink, brown, or red blood around the edges of the mucous plug. This is called the "bloody show".
Some women will lose their mucous plug or part of their mucous plug weeks before they go into labor. Losing your mucous plug does not always mean labor will begin shortly. Keep in mind that even if a woman has begun to dilate, it may be weeks before she actually goes into labor. However, if you notice blood tinged mucous before your thirty-sixth week of pregnancy, notify your doctor right away. As your body prepares for labor your cervix will begin to dilate and thin. As your cervix opens up, your mucous plug may fall out. Losing your mucous plug is a good sign that labor is on its way. Though, it could be days or even weeks after you lose your mucous plug before labor actually starts. Many women do not lose their mucous plug at one time; instead, they lose it more gradually. They may notice an increase in vaginal secretions weeks before they go into labor.
If you are full term and have lost your mucous plug, there is usually no need to call your doctor. You may lose your mucous plug weeks before labor starts. If you notice regular, timeable contractions after losing your mucous plug, follow your doctor's protocol for proceeding to Labor and Delivery. If you have a history of preterm labor and you suspect you have lost your mucous plug, call your doctor right away. If you notice blood tinged mucous and are earlier than thirty-six weeks call your doctor immediately. Moreover, you should also call your doctor if you have sudden bright red bleeding. Bleeding can be a sign of placenta previa or placental abruption.
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When do you have a mucus plug?

Answer . A mucous plug is a protective barrier in your cervex to protect everything above the vagina. It begins to form early in pregnancy and is expelled weeks days before,or during delivery.

Is there a safe way to successfully break your water after you've lost your mucus plug?

Answer . \nNot unless you are a midwife or doctor. \n. \nThe water is there to protect the mother and baby form infection and breaking it prematurely is extremely dangerous.

If you're 6 months pregnant and just saw dr for concerns of contractions cramping and pressure and were given pain meds then told to rest what should you do if you THINK you just lost your mucus plug?

Go back to the doctor. The mucus plug indicates that labor is within a week or 2. It is better to be safe, you may have a little one who wants to make an appearance much sooner than planned. CALL THE DOCTOR. DON'T WAIT!

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At how many weeks do you lose your mucus plug and how can you tell you lost it?

\nThe amount of weeks depends. You will lose it when you go into, or shortly before you go into labor. You will only be able to tell if you've lost it, when you see it. Other than that, you cant really tell.

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What does cervical mucus look like in early pregnancy?

Its either smooth and stretchy/clear or thick and creamy. Neither should smell, itch or hurt.

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What does your mucus plug look like?

Your mucus (or mucous) plug is red brown or yellow in color and has the consistency of snot or phlegm it looks like mucus! Some women describe the mucous plug as looking more like the mucous in your nose. It may look like a thick glob of stringy mucous, thicker than what you would see with normal vaginal secretions. If you are close to going into labor you may see pink, brown, or red blood around the edges of the mucous plug. This is called the "bloody show". However, if you notice blood tinged mucous before your thirty-sixth week of pregnancy, notify your doctor right away.

What does the mucus plug look like when you are losing it at 27 weeks pregnant?

Answer . the mucus plug can be all different colors it is different for everyone it can be clear or greenish it can also be brownish or have some pink in it but the thing to look for is if it is slimy and thick like a (sounds nasty) but like a booger. the reason i feel i can answer your question is because i am also 27 weeks and have been in the hospital for a month now on bed rest my cervix is paper thin and i just started to have a discharge that looks like what i described above my doctor said that yes it is my mucus plug however i am loosing mine a little at a time, however that is different for everyone also you could loose it a little at a time or all at once. regardless you should call your doctor. hope this helps.

I lost my mucus plug a week ago dilated 1cm I have continuous sharp contractions when walking but I have a high pain tolerance so I'm not exactly sure if I'm having them while sitting lots of pressure?

Answer: . Call your doctor and ask, no matter the time of day or night. They are best qualified to answer your question, and will give you an idea of what you should do next.

What is the mucus like just before your period?

Answer . It's usually clear or slightly cloudy and yellowish. It is normal discharge at that time. However, if it is green or brown and accompanied by itching it could be bacterial vaginosis; if it is white and itchy it could be candidiasis, a "yeast infection". Both are easily treatable. Ask your gyno.

Had a membrane sweep am 3 nearly 4 cm dilated lost mucus plug when is labor likely to start?

I also had a membrane sweep today. I am 37.5 weeks along, 3 cm open and 80% effaced. This is my 3rd child. Even though my cervix is soft and almost all the way ripe, it's still very far and hard to reach. My doc said that if my body is ready for labor anyway, it will stimulate labor within about 2 days. If my body isn't ready, nothing will happen besides cramping and maybe some light spotting. My mucus plug has also come out. Good luck!

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You are 90 effaced 3cm dilated having contractions for the past 3 days Just lost your mucus plug?

Losing your mucus plug is nothing to worry about. Let your midwife/obgyn know at next visit but all those signs can last for weeks before you give birth

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What does the mucus plug feel like?

The mucus plug is clear to yellow in color, or occasionally tingedwith blood. The mucus plug feels like the consistency of raw egg.

I am 37 weeks pregnant i am 2cm dilated 75 effaced last wk i was 1 cm my cervix was just soft when will labor start i think i lost my mucus plug this morning?

If you lost your plug, you should contact your ob/gyn right away, and make plans to go to the hospital. Congratulations!

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37 weeks dialated to 2cm lost mucus plug and having contrations?

Losing a mucus plug can occur several weeks before you actually deliver. It is not a sign of labor or pending labor. You will know when your contractions are true when they don't let up upon resting or after walking. Try taking a warm bath or shower to relax. When your contractions are every 5 minutes lasting at least a minute for an hour, then you will want to contact your doctor.

What does mucus look like?

step 1 suck as hard as you can with your nose step 2 do you feel that spit it out step three look at it that's what it looks like

You are 39weeks pregnant and just lost your mucus plugshould contractions start?

The mucus plug can be lost several days, or even a week before labor starts, so not necessarily.

You lost your mucus plug with your first does that mean you will with your second also?

I did not lose mine with the second or at least it was not a noticeable loss. I am now expecting my 3rd, 34 weeks tomorrow. I am wondering if I will lose it this time or not?

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What does cervical mucus look like if pregnant?

It is a clear type substance that oozes. If anything seems wrong or anything is out of the ordinary then get that checked up on!

Does the lost of mucus plug mean that the baby is coming?

no it doesn't your water has 2 break like if ur walking and u feel water coming from your legs then you baby is coming

If you are 36 weeks and 3 cm dilated and lost your mucus plug how much longer do you have?

\nIt could be hours, days or weeks. \n. \nIn my case, I was 36 weeks 6 days, lost the mucous plug and had the baby 5 hours later. \n. \nBut, from what I've read, there is no firm correlation between how dilated you are or losing the plug and the length of time you have left.

What does cervical mucus look like in the first stage of pregnancy?

Clear and slick, though I am sure it can vary and may depend on activities and nutrition.

What does you mucus plug look like?

Excuse the grossness, but the best I know to describe it is that it looks like a big loogy, yellow greenish color, can have some blood, or be pinkish. Some loose it all at once, but others over time - mistaken for discharge. \nI am preg with twins and just lost mine all at once last night...certainly mucus like, no mistaken it. When I was preg with my daughter it was over time, and I honestly didn't even know it was happening.

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Pregnant cow losing mucus plug shes huge and been prego for awhile now do they lose it just like humans when we are pregnant?

Yes they do. They also start getting labour contractions, though behave different than humans do, in terms of pacing around, kicking at their belly, laying down and getting up again, and moving away from the rest of the herd. Soon after the mucus plug is expelled the water bag appears, often unruptured, unlike in humans were their "water" breaks. Then the calf/baby follows

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When will labor begin got Bad back pain but not lost the mucus plug yet?

There is never a way to predict exactly when you will have the baby, but severe back pain can certainly be an indication of labor, which could last anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days. I had back labor (DREADFUL), which started as a severe lower back pain at 4:00am. I had to go to the bathroom a couple times (not to pee) which led me to believe it was early labor signs, though I never did lose my mucus plug which I was told is common - not all women do. Unfortunately I was never able to count my contractions - they were totally random, going from every 5 minutes to every 2 minutes to every 30 seconds to every 7 and so on. I considered going to the hospital after about 12 hours but when I called they suggested I wait until the contractions got so bad I just couldn't handle it anymore, rather than sit in the hospital for who knows how long (a friend said it would feel like someone hitting you in the spine with a sledgehammer... she wasn't kidding, sorry to say for anyone who reads this in the early throes of back labor!). At 10:30pm I decided it had definitely gotten to that point. By the time I got to the hospital I was already 6-7 cm dilated. My water never broke - they had to do that - so that's something else I was waiting for that never happened! It certainly wasn't like in the movies! After 25 hours of agony (5 of which were significantly LESS agonizing thanks to the epidural), my perfect, insanely beautiful son was born. But that was me.... Every pregnancy, labor, and birth is different. Just listen to your body and pay attention if you suspect you may be in labor - and if in doubt, call your OBGYN!

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39 weeks preget lost your mucus plug?

this happens to many pregnant women rather its from having sex while your 39 weeks or if you had an internal exam but the only symptoms i know of would be cramping in your lower abdomen and back pains

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What does a non bloody mucus plug look like?

The mucus plug looks just like the mucus from your nose. It can be anywhere from white to yellowish is color and may or may not have traces of bright red blood or pinkish blood. Call your dr to inform them that you have lost your mucus plug as most women generally go into labor 24 hours to 7 days later.

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