What education or training do you need to learn how to buy fix up and resell foreclosed homes?

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I recommend preparing for and taking a realtors license test and working in the construction trades for a minimum of 3 years. I have seen many many people try to do it with less than this basic preparation and get burned or make profits that are so slim they'd rather work Mcdonalds.
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What are the benefits of buying foreclosed homes?

Answer The obvious benefit is that you are purchasing a distressedproperty that has to be sold because of an unfortunate financialsituation. This should result in a below mark

What are the advantages of buying a foreclosed home?

You could buy foreclosed home below market value, ranging from 10%-50%. With this you could save a lot of money and if you decide to sell your newly purchased property you wil

When i buy a foreclosed home what am I paying for?

See, when you talk about foreclosed home, then let me tell you thatthere are 3 categories in which foreclosed home process generally falls 1.Pre-foreclosure 2.Auction3.Ban

Are there mortgage loans where you can borrow for example 30000 The first 15000 to buy a foreclosed home and 15000 to fix it up because the appraisal value is 32000 on this house?

The answer to this question is more or less, yes. First, the home has to be free and clear meaning no lien against the property or that you have $32k in homeequity. Secondly,

Can you buy a foreclosed home with no money down and poor credit?

Unlikely.. Sorry to have to say that because by the nature of your asking the question, I suspect you are wanting to make money by buying real estate foreclosures.. At least

What kinds of problems could there be when buying a foreclosed home?

Answer . The primary problem with buying a foreclosed property today is defective foreclosure procedures. Many problems have been found with recent foreclosures that are ser

Are foreclosed homes easier to buy than new homes?

It is often easier to buy a foreclosed home directly from the bank than a new home if you are willing to put up with the possible problems caused by an older, empty house sitt
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Are there any tips for buying a foreclosed home?

Do not let a low price tag bride you into a quick deal for a home. Be sure to have your budget planned out just to make sure you will have enough money for major repairs most

Should one buy foreclosed homes for sale?

There is nothing wrong with buying foreclosed homes. A professional should be hired to inspect the home and find out what kind of repairs will be needed. There are pros and co

What are some benefits of buying a foreclosed home?

There are a few benefits of buying a foreclosed home. Foreclosed homes are generally cheaper than non-foreclosed homes. One can also negotiated for a better deal with a forecl