What does whack mean?

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To hardly hit something or some one with an object or hand
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What does 'paddy whacked' mean in the song 'This Old Man'?

Paddywhack, not paddy whacked Paddywhacks are muscles in the necks of some livestock that support the weight of the head to ease the strain on the animal. It is also a nine

What does 'paddy whack' mean?

Simple meaning, "to get hit or take a blow". Archaic and even racist term, referring to drunken irish, and the unfortunate practice by police in the past to use force more so

What does whack mean as in whack job?

Wack job means a person who is psycho, insane, or just someone who is being crazy. The word wacky means someone who is acting in a foolish, crazy manner. So if you call some

What does knick knack paddy whack mean?

This is a nonsense phrase used to pad out the nursery rhyme and song 'This Old Man'. . Paddywhack (also spelt Paddywack) or Nuchal ligament/Ligamentum nuchae, is a strong

What does the phrase 'throw out of whack' mean?

Something 'thrown out of whack' is disrupted, disturbed, or disoriented from it's normal state. It is a phrase, with a negative connotation, often used to describe a system/cy

How do you whack a weasel?

First, catch your weasel, then think about whacking it. Don't get ahead of yourself! Unless this is a euphemism of which I am unaware.