What does the word mean mean in algebra?

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What does the word mean mean in algebra?
The word 'mean' means the sum of a set of numbers
divided by the number of numbers in a set.

for example:
There are 10 numbers in this set of numbers so you
divide the total by10
(97divided by 10)

ANSWER = 9.7

Ex: 2+6+3+1= 14 Divide by 4 since there are 4 numbers.

Ex: 4+4=8
Now how many numbers are there?
There are 2 so divide the sum (8) by 2 equaling 4.

Another explanation:
1: There is a group of numbers. Add all numbers for the sum or total.
2: Divide by how many numbers you added.

Tip: Another word for mean is average.
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