What does the term associate mean when the person is described as a Walmart associate?

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In Wal-Mart's usage it's an euphemism for an employee.
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What does the math term associative mean?

The associative property of math refers to grouping. This propertystates that you can group numbers (move the parenthesis) anyway andthe result will remain the same.

What do associative mean in a math term?

A binary operator is a mathematical operator that performs some operation (eg addition, multiplication) on two operands to produce a result. Associativity is the property of s

Describe someone's feelings associates with the term cheating?

ANSWER: When it comes to emotion ( feelings) as we see it through our entire life, when it comes to infidelity or the right words is cheating, it will be pain, shock, confuse
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What does the term association mean in the context of design?

Association means the way we perceive something to be. For instance, if you were to use chairs as an example then a wooden chair with no padding and sharp angles might be perc