What does the teddy bear do to the mystery box in nazi zombies?

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it moves the mystery box to some where else

you should be able to tell where it has gone by the map on the wall near the box
the green light is the box
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In call of duty world at war how do you get behind the mystery box in nazi zombies?

FIRST OF ALL HAVE YOUR CHARGER PLUGGED IN.here are the steps. first open the "help" room after that you are going to need 3000 points. then next to the mystery box there will

How do you get behind the mystery box in nazi zombies?

You can't. It's juat a minigame. Go to the left corner of the mystery box, keep unplugging/plugging your wall charger to your iPod, and eventually you will get in. It also

What do the teddy bears on Nazi Zombies Der Riese do?

They take the random box away. ---------------------------------------------- ive also heard tht it has a story behind tht too when u get all the teddy bears there was t

Where is the power box in Nazi zombies?

The box appears at random places no matter how you play; so you can never determine where it will be at any given point. Also, if you get the teddy bear the box will move.