What does the teddy bear do in Call of Duty World at War?

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Nazi zombies is a game sort of made up by Samantha (Maxis's Daughter).
The teddies are her toys and on Kino Der Toten if you use no clip on PC you can go in a room and see a a board w/ Tank Dempsey, ETC.


when you shoot the fly trap with a upgraded weapon, objects start to float and the girls voice you hear {a.k.a. samatha,docter maxis daughter}tells you to play hide and seek. there are ONLY 2 teddys and 1 monkey.The first teddy is in the bottom animal cage that's just to the right of the trench gun.the 2nd one is outside holding the bowie knife somewhere is the burning windows.and finally the monkey is in that little fernus{sorry for my incorrect spelling} to the left where you can buy the Thompson gun.after that Samantha says "you http://wiki.answers.com/What_does_The_Fly_Trap_on_Nazi_zombies_Der_Riese_do#...GAME OVER!!! when you do this it make the zombies stronger and faster and come in bigger waves. same thing goes when you turn on the music and when you upgrade you juggernog.
Also if you get the first and second teddy bears and don't get the monkey about 8-12 rounds later Samantha will say "How dare you, (demon voice) the monkey wanted to play too" and for the remainder of the game she will send hell dogs at you and make comments at how you are doing. Ex. Uh oh (when you get surrounded) laughs (idk why) yell at you, and make comments when she sends hell dogs at you

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