What does the saying to buy a pig in a poke mean?

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A 'poke' is a burlap sack. To 'buy a pig in a poke' is to purchase an unknown, without looking.
Correct but the phrase started in old England where dishonest people would place a common animal like a kitten or cat in a tied bag or "poke" and try to pass it off to a dumb farmer as a baby or suckling pig which was far more valuable than a kitten.
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What is the meaning of the expression a pig in a poke?

In the world of buying or selling animals, one would not buy an animal that is hidden, right? In the 19th century, a poke was a sack or a bag. So buying a pig, in this case a

Pig in a poke football?

pig in a poke is the last play of the george clooney movie.. he snuck into the other team for the last play of the final game... hes the pig in the poke. Close, if you recal

Pig in a poke football play?

There is no actual "pig in a poke" football play. The sandlotstrategy of hiding the football under the jersey (pig in a poke) issometimes employed in pickup games.

What does poked mean?

Poke is another worked for jab or prod. An implement for poking afire is called a "poker".

What does to buy a pig in a poke mean?

It basically means don't buy something without seeing it first. A poke was a small leather sack and the phrase simply advises that you shouldn't buy a pig in a sack without op

What is the meaning for poke?

It's just something you can do. You are allowed to poke friends and people. If you press the button, they are notified of it. It may be kind of a way to get somebody's attenti
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What means poke?

verb verb: poke ; 3rd person present: pokes ; past tense: poked ; past participle: poked ; gerund or present participle: poking . 1 . . jab or prod (someone or somethin