What does the phrase for the first time I see I need love mean?

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If someone has said "for the first time I see I need love" this person (whom I will arbitrarily describe as a male) is saying that he never previous realized that he needs love, but now he believes that he does need love. Exactly why he needs love, he did not say, although I could certainly speculate. Love brings a certain emotional intensity to life that many people find to be important or even necessary for their happiness.


Sometimes there are people who will say stuff like "I don't need love, don't want a relationship, don't want the drama, etc." and they coast along not really missing love because they've either never had love or have never been in love. Then one day someone comes along and this person falls in love with him or her and then realizes that he/she does need love and does not want to live without love any longer. In other words, a person can't miss what they've never known but once they experience it they don't want to let it go. In addition, in the rare circumstance that you meet your true love, it does bring a certain emotional intensity which is beyond description and is important for true happiness. Once you have met that person that you know in your heart and very soul that no one can replace you can feel a vast emptiness without them. When that person, which I will arbitrarily describe as a male, is in your life you cannot imagine greater happiness.
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