What does the natural order of the universe mean?

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The natural order of the universe is innately harmonious and well-organized. When people live according to the laws of the universe, they live in harmony with that universe and the natural environment.
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What is the nature of the universe?

and Hell did open its gate, and God said go not forth... yet ye all went forth, and few returned. for you remember not the great things he has done for you, you deny the trees

What is the order of planets in the universe?

\nstarting with closest to the sun\n. \nMercury\nVenus\nEarth\nMars\nJupiter\nSaturn\nNeptune\nUranus\nPluto. \nstarting with closest to the sun\n. \nMercury\nVenus\nEarth\

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Common flowers that contain acid-base indicators include geraniums, hydrangeas, morning glories, poppies, tulips, violets, petunias, pansies, roses, and hibiscus flowers, amon
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What did the church order Galileo to abandon the Copernican idea of the nature of the universe?

It happened after Galileo published a book supporting the heliocentric theory that portrayed the Pope as a simpleton. The official view still supported the scriptural teaching
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What is the universe in natural science?

The universe is all of physical reality as a single comprehensivesystem consisting of a four-dimensional space-time continuum with ahierarchy of material structures held toget