What does the latin word mutare mean in English?

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It means to change. This word is often accosiated with the word mutate and mutation.
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What does the Latin word nat mean in English?

Latin words with "nat" generally involve the idea of "birth" or "begetting" (as in natus , "born"), from the Proto-Indo-European root *gen , in its so-called zero-grade fo

What does the Latin word volumen mean in English?

The Latin word volumen means "scroll" (it comes from the verb volvere , which means "to roll"). Because works of literature were often written on multiple scrolls, volumen

What does the Latin word ideo mean in English?

Ideo means therefore, for that reason, consequently, as a result. In medieval court cases (always recorded in Latin) it is used to introduced the penalty after guilt has b

What does the English word focused mean in latin?

The word focus ed means nothing in latin The word focus in latin is a fireplace or a hearth and also through metonymy could refer to the home, house or the family, its p

What does the latin word 'to do' mean in English?

I think you may be confused. First of all, your question should have been: What does the English word, 'to do', mean in Latin? Anyways, it's facio, facere. Facio is sing