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That a person, service, or product has taken a sharp decline and no longer meets expectations.
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What is the meaning of the idiom dog the?

To dog means the same as to hound --- since both are dogs. When a dog/hound/wolf or other canine is hunting, it will stay on whatever it's chasing and run after it until it is

What does the idiom 'go to the dogs ' mean?

Go to the Dogs - to decline in looks or health; to be ruined or destroyed   Origin: As far back as the 1500s, food that was not thought to be suitable for human consumpti

What is the meaning of the idiom dog ears?

It's what the page of a book looks like when you turn the corner down - you say that the page is "dog-eared." It should also be noted there is a similar-sounding expression, "

What does the idiom going to the dogs mean?

"Going to the dogs" means going bad. You would say "Man, that shop has really gone to the dogs - I don't even want to go inside any more." The expression 'gone to the dogs' m

What does gone to the dogs mean?

gone to the dogs means somethings gone alittle crazy like at a party everyones being just fine then a guy comes in and starts a rucuss that's kind of like gone to the dogs

What does the idiom 'dog in the manger' mean?

The expression 'dog in a manger' comes from a fable of the same name written by Aesop, who was possibly Ethiopian but spent much of his life in Athens. It is not known exactly

What does the idiom dog-tired mean?

It means a person is extremely tired or totally drained. Ex: All that yard work today, in the hot sun, has me dog-tired! Derived from the fact that dogs are always panting, wi

What is the meaning of the idiom a dog in the manger?

A 'dog in a manger' is a term often used towards someone who spoils enjoyment for others but gets no advantage themselves. Imagine a dog sitting in a manger preventing the hor

What is the meaning of the idiom as sick as a dog?

It refers to being extremely sick. The idiom compares a human's very uncomfortable illness (like the flu or a bad virus) with how ill a dog gets when it eats something it is n

What does the idiom It's going to the dogs mean?

Before dogs became the pampered pets that they are today, they were  fed leftovers, scraps and food that would have otherwise been  discarded. Therefore, something that's "g

What does in the dog house mean idiom?

"Sleeping in the doghouse" refers to the figurative fate of a  spouse, usually a husband, who has offended their partner or made a  significant mistake. The error is so egre