What does the Army acronym AAR stand for?

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What is acronym stand for?

An "acronym" (means, "high name"), is a word made out of initials of several others words. Examples might be the best way to describe it: RAdio Detection And Ranging If

What does the acronym AM stand for?

Time The letters AM (morning) stand for Ante Meridian - from Latin meaning before midday (noon). Radio The broadcast frequencies are labeled AM for amplitude modulation ,

What is the army acronym?

army is not an acronym but in the army they teach you that when you get in the army and you are wearing us army on your uniform it stands for uncle sam ain't release me yet.

What does the acronym IT stand for?

IT stands for Information Technology.---Athough, IT is not an acronym. An acronym is actual word that is made up from the first letters of a phrase such as scuba.(Self Contain

What does the acronym 'RPG' army weapon stand for?

RPG is in english, the intials for Rocket Propelled Grenade , which by coincidence is the same three letters in (transliterated) Russian. In the context of "rocket-propelled