What does let by Gones be by gones mean?

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The correct spelling is 'Let the bygones be bygones' meaning to forget any old problems that may exist between us
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What is the meaning of the song When your gone?

The meaning is that when the person someone loves is gone or has to leave, it makes you hurt inside. Sometimes you need you're own space and you think you can handle being alo

Why God would let my lover gone?

Perhaps there is someone better for you or your lover--but we can hardly know the mind of God!

Has gone out or had gone out?

Both are technically correct. There are subtle differences between the tenses, depending on what you want to say. The phrase "has gone" is in the Present Perfect tense, and "h

What is the meaning of the poem the day is gone and all its sweets are gone?

The poem seems quiet easy at the start but in the end it becomes quiet confusing. The poet is away from his love and in the middle of the night he seems to miss her very much.

What does the expression Gone With the Wind mean?

Basically, it means "disappeared". Scarlett wonders if her home,Tara, has survived or is "gone with the wind which had sweptthrough Georgia." Margaret Mitchell took the expres