What does kia mean in Tae Kwon Do?

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If you are referring to the yell that is commonly shouted when practicing Taekwondo, then the Korean term is actually "Kihap" 기합 which means to "shout" or "yell" with great energy or "Ki."

There are many different sounds that can be made for an effective Kihap. In some early schools of Taekwondo outside of Korea, students were actually told to shout the word "kihap!" but this would sound very odd to a native Korean. It would be like English speaking people being told to yell loudly, and they shouted the word "YELL!"

Instead, it should be a sharp exhaling of the full capacity of your lungs by exerting a great deal of force with the diaphragm (muscular wall in the abdomen under the lungs), and using a loud vocal sound such as "Haaaa!" or "Ahoe!" force the air out in a burst of energy to coordinate the muscular contractions of the core muscle groups within the torso, and the powerful execution of a strike, block, or other technique.

The "Kihap" is designed to regulate the breathing, and can be used absorb an impact, and avoid getting the wind knocked out of you if struck in the abdomen or when falling to the ground. It can also be used to intimidate, distract, or startle your opponent which can cause the effect of "freezing" your opponent momentarily just prior to a strike. Some Taekwondo experts use the Kihap in preparation of a break, or difficult technique to help release adrenaline, and focus their mind. In most cases, the Kihap is used right at the moment of impact to maximize the power of the strike.
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