What does it mean when a koi fish is jumping out of the water?

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Koi jump out of the water for a variety of reasons. They may just be playing and having fun or they may be being chased by another fish. Sometimes koi will jump out of the water to get oxygen, especially if the tank or pond has poor water quality.
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What does the color of a koi fish mean?

The color of a koi fish relates to the family that they belong to.The blue koi fish is known as the asagi, the ogon is gold ororange, and bekko are white, yellow, and red.

Black koi fish meaning?

The black koi fish is representative of the male gender, the sun and evil. Where the white is representative of the female gender, the moon and goodness

What is the symbolic meaning of a koi fish?

a koi fish symbolizes determination and transformation. it is said that the koi swims up the waterfall and transforms into a dragon once it reaches the top

Why do koi fish jump out of your outdoor pond?

Now I am no expert, I have just had one of my fish jump out and I did some investigating on here. It seems that high Ammonia levels can be to blame... or low oxygen levels. I

What is meaning of two koi fish?

There are a number of meanings - Yin-Yang, Male/Female, Day/Night, Water/Fire, Sun/Moon. It all stems from philosophy of taoism.

What does it mean to dream of koi fishes?

Koi generally are ornamental fish whose only purpose is to be admired for their beauty. Dreams represent the feelings of the dreamer. So this dream might express the dreamer's

Are koi fish salt water fish?

no, they are basically giant gold fish.FRESH WATER FISH. although you can add about one tablespoon aquarium salt to 10 gallons of water.It helps the fish to not be stressed,th
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What is the meaning of white koi fish?

White koi fish are absolutely gorgeous, they represent a peak into your soul. A peak so deep it's like pulling back your skin. I highly recommend getting this tattoo, in white