What does it mean to jailbreak your ipod?

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think of your ipod in jail and has limits but if you brake out of jail you don't have limits. with a jailbreak you get an a app called cydia that lets you download tweaks/Mod/and cracked apps. but if it breaks you can restore it but if something is wrong with in side the device apple or your phone carrier wont fix it so it voids the warranty.
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What does jailbreak mean on iPod touch?

jailbreaking is were you can download a program called cydia andthis is an illegal product that will let you download two main programs called winterboards and installous win

What does jailbreaking your iPod Touch mean?

It means you free your iPod Touch from the restrictions and boundaries that Apple has put in place to prevent the installing of 3rd party packages and applications that are no

What does it mean to jailbreak an iPod touch?

to Reconfigure the settings on the ipod touch allowing you to do several things your notsupposed to be able to do, such as put a background on your app pages, put 30 apps on

What is jailbreaking iPod touch mean?

"Jailbreaking" is another word hacking. Therefore you void your warranty but you get cydia, a jailbreaking software. Jailbreaking does have it advantages and Disadvantages. Bu

What does it mean to jailbreak your ipod touch?

jailbreaking your ipod touch is like unlocking features apple hides such as, cydia, having a background on the home screen, etc. its not illegal and can be done many ways...th

What is jailbreaking your iPod?

Jailbreaking is the process of removing the limitations on your iPod set by Apple. Once jailbroken, you can download third-party apps, extensions, themes, fonts and much more

What does jailbreaking your iPod mean?

altering the factory software so you can download stuff from other places not only of the app store. jailbreaking can be dangerous for your device
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How do you jailbreak a iPod?

Download the software on your PC, (you will probably have to search it on google) open it up from your download's and follow the instructions (if any) that come up You can

How do jailbreak an iPod?

Step 1- Plug in your device via USB cable that came with your product. This also works with an iPhone. Step 2- Download RedsnOw & iOS Firmware according to the version of you
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What does it mean to jailbreak your ipod or phone and how do you do that?

Install applications that havent been approved by the apstore! along with themes and tweaks How to: Follow the folowing link to iClarified http://www.iclarified.com when y