What does heading means in soccer?

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Heading is a term used for when the ball is in the air and a player hits the ball with the top front part of their head, causing the ball to fly in a different direction. Players usually use their forehead to most effectively head the ball, also, using the forehead hurts less.
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When should heading be used in soccer?

At any point where kicking is not suitable or possible for situation eg. Ball in air, defending a high lofted ball, shooting from a high cross, performing a diving header if b

What is the meaning of heading in soccer?

Heading in soccer is when a player using their head to move theball in the direction they want the ball to go, rather than usingtheir feet. To avoid the ball going in the wron

How do you reflect a shot in head soccer?

Truth is it takes a lot of practice. "Deflecting" a shot requires you to angle your head in a manner that takes the ball coming in from one angle and striking your head at a s

Do people get head injuries from soccer?

All the time, you can't go a week without a players head bleeding. Chelsea keeper Petr Cech got his head injured so badly he now has to wear a helmet all the time to protect h

How should heading in soccer be done?

The heading of a soccer ball must first occur if the ball is above the waist of the player attempting to do the header. Secondly it is advisable to head the ball on the forehe

What is the over head kick in soccer?

Some call it the "bicycle kick", otherscall it the "scissors kick". It waseffectively utilized by "Pele" , who iswidely regarded as the greatest player of all time.