What does has gone viral mean?

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It means that a video has gotten 1,000,000 (1 million) or more views.
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What does the term viral mean?

viral means pertaining to or caused by a virus It means spreading quickly over a short amount of time

What does going viral mean?

"Going viral" can mean many things. Mostly, it usually means going public. As in, almost everyone.

What does it mean to go viral?

The term refers to a phenomenon characterized by mass dissemination of an item on the Internet or other media. It is called viral because of the similarity in which actual vir

What does viral music video mean?

i am guessing like when it doesn't show all the bad stuff like a clean version but I'm sure you can find the dirty version for instance Travis porter make it rain it has a vir

What does viral video mean?

It means a wildly popular video. "Viral" is the adjective form of the noun "virus." Something that's viral is figuratively something that spread from person to person the way

Why has Gangnam Style gone viral?

There are several opinions on why Gangnam Style went viral. Many people liked Gangnam Style because the music video was very random and had lots of funny scenes. It had a hint
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Why has the eBay song gone viral?

'eBay' is a song by 'Weird Al' Yankovic.The song was available on Youtube and shared by many people which could explain why it has gone viral. It is a parody of 'I want it tha
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What is the meaning of a viral video?

A Viral Video is a video which gains viewings and notoriety rapidly as people share it and watch it repeatedly. There are many examples of viral videos now that youtube has co

What does viral mean on the internet?

It is used to say that something has spread rapidly, and is popular. I suppose the idea is that it is spreading like a virus - widely and rapidly.