What does cad cam stand for?

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CAD stands for computer aided design
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What is cad cam?

Cad stands for: . Computer . Aided . Design . Cam is used to manufacture products. The term CAD/CAM implies both for designing a product and for controlling . Design man

What Does CAD stand for?

computer aided design Computer Aided Design , CAD Stands forComputer-Aided Drafting

What are advantages of using CAD CAM?

The advantages of using CAD/CAM are: they are both quicker, you get a better outcome, high quality, easy tools to use, you can repeat objects, combine designs, less time for c

What is CAM and CAD?

CAM is Computer Aided Manufacturing, and is associated with CNC machines (Computer Numeric Control). CAD is Computer Aided Design, which is making drawings and plans using sof

How is cad cam used in textiles?

CAD stands for Computer aided Design, so the way it is used in textiles is that you can see your design in final form on the computer without having to guess. This helps becau

What are the advantgaes and disadvanges of cad cam?

CNC machines are used for cutting metal pieces. A good CAD-CAM software helps CNC machine operators do their job effortlessly. CAM is a short form of Computer-Aided Manufactur