What does a judgment mean on an unsecured credit card?

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It means the creditor has won a lawsuit, been awarded a writ of judgment and can execute the judgment against non-exempt assets and property as defined by state law that belongs to the judgment debtor. The preferred method of executing a judgment is by wage garnishment, followed by bank account levy, the seizure and liquidation of non-exempt property and liens against real property. The state exemptions allowed for personal and real property when properly used can give the defendant/debtor considerable protection against the enforcement of a creditor judgment.
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Can you be sued and a judgment or lien be placed on your property for an unsecured credit card debt?

Yes. Property liens enable a judgment creditor to encumber yourproperty so that it cannot be sold or mortgaged until the lien ispaid off. Once the lien is issued by the court

Can a credit card company take a judgment against you if it is unsecured and it has been over 4 years?

Answer . \nIt is quite possible,most credit card accounts are unsecured. A creditor can file a lawsuit and if it is won, receive a writ of judgment that can be executed aga

Can a Credit Card Collection Agency put a lien or judgment on your credit and if so what does that mean?

If the collection agency works in tandem with a law firm (which is the case most of the time) then the answer is yes. What does this mean? If a judgment is granted by a judge,

What does a credit card judgment mean?

Answer . \nThe creditor has won a lawsuit judgment against the debtor(s) and can execute the judgment against any nonexempt property belonging to the debtor(s). The prefer

What are unsecured credit cards?

Unsecured Cards . Unsecured credit cards do not imply any deposit before you can start using them. In other words, the bank looks through your credit history and entrusts a

What can credit card companies get in judgment?

What property can be seized or attached by a judgment creditor depends upon two basic things, the laws of the state in which the judgment debtor resides and the manner in whic

Where can you get a unsecured credit card with poor credit?

There are a number of specialist lenders that offer credit cards for people with poor credit, however the risk they take by providing unsecured cards is off-set by lower credi

What is a secured credit card and an unsecured credit card?

A secured credit card is a pay to play system. That is you must bank a certain amount with the issuing bank before you may use the card. If that balance is met or exceeded, yo
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What does an unsecured line of credit mean?

It's a kind of loan that there is no collateral available for it. It means if the person who takes that loan couldn't pay it back at due the time, the lender has no recourse.