What does a engine symbol mean on a vehicle?

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ANSWER: It is the check engine light. It starts out a yellow meaning that there is some thing going on and have it looked at soon. If by chance the little engine light is red, this means do not drive your vehicle until you have it serviced. There are many things that could cause this to happen from fueling the vehicle with it running , a sensor not functining properly, or a major engine problem. It is not to be taken litely if it is red, you could severly damage the engine if you ignore it.
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What does it mean when the engine symbols light up?

Answer . \nIt goes on automatically whenever the on-board diagnostic (OBD) computer detects possible trouble with your emission control system, including faulty fuel mix, e

What does an engine symbol mean on a clio dash?

That's your check engine light. Take it to an auto parts store or mechanic and ask them to scan the codes to tell you what's wrong...auto parts will do it for free, mechanic w

What does the engine symbol on the dashboard of a 94 Chevrolet beretta mean?

If you don't have a manual, GET ONE! This is the check engine light (that's why it's shaped like an engine...) It could be anything from low gas pressure to a vacuum leak to b

What does it mean when you get an engine symbol on the dash of a peugeot 106 zest?

It means that there is a problem with the engine management system. (ECU). One of the sensors monitoring temperature, air/vacuum pressure, throttle position, etc is out of r

What does the engine symbol on a Chrysler pacifica mean?

That would be your check engine light. Your best bet is to take it to autozone and ask if they can read what "code" made that light come on. They can even turn it off for you,

What does the engine symbol mean on the dashboard?

That is most likely the Check Engine Light. In most usual cases, it's just a faulty sensor you need to replace. Any dealer of your brand of vehicle has code readers for these