What does a car with a spanner symbol on it mean on a Corsa dash?

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It means you have a fault with eletronic engine management.
First simply switch off and start again. It may clear. If not it requires mechanical attention.
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What does an amber light showing a car with a spanner next to it on the dash of a 1999 Vectra mean?

it means the car is ready for a service/ My vectra displays a oil can and spanner when a service is due, if you cannot afford a survive do the following: place keys in ignitio

A car with a spanner light is on the dash of vauxhall corsa?

Most likely, this means there is something wrong with your engine. It could be minor, but it could be really bad to. take it to a shop you trust, and have them look at is. be

What does the spanner symbol mean on a 306?

It indicates the mileage before the next service is due. If it reads '0' then the service is due now. If it reads with a minus '-' then it is overdue by the mileage shown.