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It means p*ss off
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What does Ich liebe dich mean in English?

Ich liebe dich means I love you in German. Ich liebe dich auch. - I love you, too. Ich liebe dich von ganzem Herzen. - I love you with all my heart.

What does 'ich liebe dich so sehr dass weder mich bis ich wissen wo' mean?

The first part of the sentence means "I love you so much" , the last part doesn't make any sense and means "that neither me until I know where" .

What does 'ich soll dich grüßen' mean in English?

Ich soll dich grüßen can be translated literally as I'm supposed to say hello to you . In English this is commonly expressed using the active form: He sends his regards. Grandma sends her love.

What does ich heisse dich mean in English?

On its own ich heiße Dich makes no sense and translates as I am called/my name is you. However when used as part of a sentence such as ich heiße Dich willkommen it translates as I welcome you.

What does Ich will dich sehen in love Ich bin online auf mean?

I want to see you [I think "inlove" will be the "*in love*" smiley in icq] I'm online [auf doesn't make sense without a word succeeding it]

What does ich hab dich liebe mean in English?

The correct phrase is "Ich hab dich lieb." It is the considerably less emotional form of "Ich liebe dich". Both translate as "I love you." The latter also suggests physical love, unlike the first. "Ich hab dich lieb." can be used for non-sexual love, like parental love or love for friends or pets.

Ich wird nicht erlaubnis dich?

That literally translates to I will not let you, but I don't think the German is grammatically correct. I think it should be something like Ich werde dir das zu tun nicht gestatten.

What does 'dich um' mean?

Depends on the rest of your sentence, but it is most likely "you at or around a certain time" Examples: Meet you at nine o`clock. Treffe dich um neun Uhr. Sehe dich um Ostern. See you around Easter. It`s also used in conjunction (hope that`s the word) with a verb like: Dreh dich um. Turn (yourself) around. Ich bringe dich um. I kill you. Kannst du dich um meine Kinder kuemmern? Can you care for my children? Note: You might want to post your question again, but in it`s entirety.

What does Buck Dich mean?

It means bend yourself, or bend thyself. In German, something like Bück rüber (bend over), for instance, would be incorrect; they say Bück dich. It means the same thing though.

Liebe dich mein schatz und vermisse dich sehr?

It means "I love you my precious (or treasure,darling) and I miss you very much.

Wenn es dich nicht gabe musste ich dich erfinden?

Wenn es Dich nicht gäbe müßte ich Dich erfinden translates as if you didn't exist I would have to invent you.

What does Buch Dich Ich Mach Dich Gluecklich mean?

The original was "Bück dich, ich mach dich glücklich." i think. "Bück" not "Buch" ;) Did u?! ;)

Is door- bell- diching against the law?

Technically yes. It can be called disorderly conduct, trespassing, harassment, criminal mischief, curfew violation, aggravated menacing, domestic violence, etc...the cops have lots of ways to classify your behavior as criminal.

How do you pronounce ich hasse dich?

Ich hasse dich means I hate you in English. Pronunciation: ich - try saying ish while grinning broadly, that should come close hasse - hass-e, with the 'a' pronounced like the 'o' in hot and the 'e' pronounced somewhat like the 'e' in the dich - like ich with a d in front

What does Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein mean in English?

"Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein" means "I can not be without you". It means "Without you I cannot be" loosely.

What does 'Guten morgen mein Schatz Ich liebe dich' mean?

Guten morgen mein Schatz Ich liebe dich means Good morning my darling I love you

What does ich werde dich fressen mean?

"Ich werde dich fressen" means "I will eat you" in German. However, the verb fressen indicates that it is an animal that is doing the eating.

Ich halte die daumen fuer dich?

This means, literally, I will hold my thumbs for you . It is more commonly said as Ich drücke die Daumen für dich , I press my thumbs for you. It means I wish you luck, similar to I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

How do you pronounce Wie fühlst du dich?

Because of the umlauts, it's harder to describe the sounds by typing them, but this is close enough: vee fuel-st do dish

What does 'kannst du nicht verstehen dass ich dich liebe' mean?

Kannst du nicht verstehen, dass ich dich liebe. - Can't you see that I love you?

What larger work is Beethoven's 'Ich Liebe Dich' from?

It's not from a larger work. It's just a poem that inspired him to write a piano accompaniment. It was composed in 1795, which was a year where his music was inspired both by the Classical form and the Romantic emotions.

What does Ich bin winklich in dich verliebt?

Ich bin wirklich in Dich verliebt translates as I am really in love with you.

What is this mean Sieh was sie über dich gesagt?

The auxiliary verb haben is missing off the end of the sentence so there are two possible translations of the phrase: Sieh was sie über Dich gesagt hat = Look what she said about you Sieh was sie über Dich gesagt hatten = Look what they said about you

Ich lie be dich sie mien leben?

The sentence does not make much sense in its current form as it is grammatically incorrect and contains several spelling errors so stabbing in the dark I'm going to assume you mean: Ich liebe Dich, Du bist mein Leben which translates as I love you, you're my life.

What does Sieh war sie über dich gesagt mean?

Sieh war sie über dich gesagt is grammatically incorrect. The correct form would be: Sieh was sie über dich gesagt hat - Look at what she said about you or Sieh was sie über dich gesagt haben - Look at what they said about you n.b. gesagt is the past participle of sagen and therefore requires the addition of the auxilliary verb haben (have). Sie can be translated as either she or they but without the inclusion of the verb haben in the sentence, it is impossible to determine which pronoun is implied.

What is ich dich auch in English?

I think one can't directly translate that because in English such a construction requires a verb, thinking about it, it isn't a complete sentence in German either as it's lacking a verb, but it's used quite frequently. If X is a verb, it translates to "I X you, too.", for example "'Ich liebe dich.' - 'Ich dich auch.'", which translates to "'I love you.' - 'I love you, too.'". . ich = I dich = you (used as object) auch = too, also

What does du machst mich so glucklich lch liebe dich mean in German?

Du machst mich so glücklich. Ich liebe dich. -> You make me so happy. I love you.

In German when do you use dich dir or du?

You are really nice = Du bist wirklich nett ( "du" is used as subject) I love you = Ich liebe dich ( "dich" is a direct object) I gave you this = Ich gab dir dies ( " dir" is an indirect object) hope this helps ;-)

How do you pronounce 'ich liebe dich Papa'?

Ich; the I sounds like it does, for example, in the word lick- it's not sharp. The ch is not pronounced in German like it is in English, it is very loosely said- almost like "sh." Liebe; is pronounced like "leeba." Dich, is exactly the same as ich, but add the "da," sound. Papa is said exactly as it looks, and as it is said in English.

How some girls have a dich?

Possibly several reasons. She is a hermaphodite (born with both male and female reproduction parts). She is actually a he (Transvestite-likes to dress up like a woman). He is trying to become a she (in process of sex change operation). He wants to look like a woman (transexual-has breast implants and such to give himself curves) or She has an enlarged or extended Clitoris

What does Ich liebe dich beste Freundin mean?

Ich liebe dich beste Freundin = I love you best friend (said to a female).

Should parent's be prosecuted under the law if there kids dich?

No! Not ditching school is the child's judgment, and prosecuting the parent of the child has absolutely no effect on the child. If the child is going to skip school, the child should be punished.

How do you pronounce ich vermisse dich?

In German ch is pronounced as in the Scottish word loch but as most English speakers have diifculty making this sound, the closest similar sound is sh: ish fairmissa dish

What does tussi ich vermisse dich mean?

Tussi can be translated as: broad squeeze bird bimbo girl/girlie chick Ich vermisse dich means I miss you.

What does Fur Dich soll die Schlacht Erfullung sein mean?

Für Dich soll die Schlacht Erfüllung sein = the battle shall be fulfilment for you

What does mir geht es gut und dir meine hübsche vermisse dich auch mean?

mir geht es gut und dir meine hübsche? = I am well and how are you my pretty (one)? (ich) vermisse dich auch = (I) miss you too

What does Guten Morgen fur dich translate in English?

Literally it translates to "Good morning for you", which, in the American Language, is closer to "good morning to you."

How do you dich without your perents nowing?

u could pretend u going to the park then when u go. u go back and make sure u have a bat with u then u vould hit the princepel

What is the German pronunciation of dich?

In IPA spelling, it's written: [diç] There is no English equivalent of the ch sound, but it is close to sh.

What does tch vermisse dich mean?

'Tch' doesn't mean anything in German. Probably 'Ich' is meant here. 'Ich vermisse dich' means: 'I miss you'.

What is the English definition of ich liebe dich?

The German term "Ich Liebe Dich" is one that would be heard on a regular basis in a German household. The term is a term of endearment and loosely translated into English means "I love you."

Which band sing the song 'Ohne Dich'?

The song 'Ohne Dich' is a German song that was released in the year of 2004 on November twenty-second. The song 'Ohne Dich' was sung by the band Rammstein.

What does bushido gibt es dich mean?

The German phrase "Bushido gibt es dich" means "Bushido you exist." You can translate more German phrases to English at the official Google Translate website.

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