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Able to be adapted in such a way as to generate a set of objects which have the same core constituents and unique peripheral constituents.
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What is the nature of general tortuous liability?

Tortuous liability arises from a negligence of civil duty, patent, copyright infringement or defamation. The important difference between contracted liability and this, is tha

What is the nature of general psychology?

is both an applied and academic field that studies the human mind and behavior.evolved out of both philosophy and biology. such discussion of two subject date as far back as t

Natural resource is generated by whom?

Natural resources are not made by people. Rather, natural resources are made by the earth. Some natural resources include water, wood and grain.

What does natural generation mean?

The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia: Google Books Result books.google.com/books?id=Gs4cAQAAMAAJ ... William Dwight Whitney, Benjamin Eli Smith - 1914 - Reference The act

How is electricity generated in nature?

Lightening is caused by convection currents within clouds, causing charged particles to rub off. The static charge will discharge once it has built up enough to bridge the air

What is the natural generalization of the Collatz conjecture?

Let f be a function that maps integers to integers such that f(x) = x/2 if x is even, and f(x) = 3x + 1 if x is odd. The generalization of the Collatz conjecture is that w

How do natural gas generate electricity?

Natural gas can be run through an internal combustion engine which can turn a generator. There is a public pool near where I live that uses generators like this to save money
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What does natural mean in your hair is natural?

"Natural" means you do not do anything to manipulate yourblack/African American hair to change its texture (i.e. perm,relaxer, smoother, texturizer, etc. anything that removes