What does Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax require each employer to file?

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Is an employer required to offer insurance?

\n. \n Employer Required to Offer Insurance? \n. \nAnything over 15 employees\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt depends entirely on the state regulations. If you are unsure yo

Are employers required to withhold federal income tax?

Absolutely, and many more things concerning payroll, etc...adhereing to the rules for this.. And of course, people are rerquired to make estimated payments toward their event

Do all employers who file taxes contribute to unemployment compensation?

To be clearer...all employers who have payroll tax responsibilities - Yes...and of course there is probably some weird exception, for some type of Church or such....who has a

Does tn require joint federal income tax returns be filed?

Tennesee if that's what you mean....has no control over the Federal process (hey..it is a state..a fiarly wimpy one at that - it is always trumped by federal regs)...and the f

Federal Insurance Contributions Act?

The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) provides for payments from employees and employers to fund Social Security benefits for elderly and disabled persons.

What federal taxes do employers pay?

A zillion..depending on their business. Most are simply invisible to either employees or customers...simply a cost of doing business.. What payroll taxes do they pay...same

Do you need the employers federal id number to file your tax return?

What you need to file your taxes is your W-2 form and any other tax forms and records that you need to accurately report income and expenses if itemizing. Your W-2 form has th