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When a company lists DND as their account terms, it means that they do not make this information public. DND stands for Do Not Disclose.
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What is the meaning of DND?

The telephones in the office here have a DND button, which is pressed if someone does not want their telephone to ring, and it means Do Not Disturb

Who is the head of DnD?

The current publisher of Dungeons and Dragons is the company "Wizards of the Coast", which is owned by Hasbro.

WHO is the new secretary of dnd?

The secretary of the Department of Defense, Philippines is VoltaireTuvera Gazmin. He was appointed on the post on July 1, 2010,

What is the function of DND?

It is a complicated storytelling game for anyone with a good attention span who likes numbers or visualizing wailing on enemies.

How do strength checks work in DnD?

Strength checks work like any other stat check. Roll your dice and add your modifier to the number. If it's the same or higher then the check you succeed, if lower you fail. W

What does the W mean in the description of an attack power in DnD 4e?

The [W] in a description like '3[W] + Strength modifier' represents the die or dice you would normally roll for damage with the weapon or attack. In this case, you would tripl

What does mobile number is in DND mean?

The person you were trying to call was in Do Not disturb mode which is a feature on phones that lets you prevent incoming text messages, notifications and alerts from making n