What does COE stand for in the army?

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COE could stand for "Chief of Engineers" or "Center of Excellence." It woulddepend on the context in which it was used.
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What is CoE?

A CoE is a Certificate of Endorsement that people that work onships must have.

What do the letters in ARMY stand for?

The word ARMY was not intended to be an acronym for anything. Army simply means a group of men that are armed to fight other groups of armed men.

What does the financial term coe stand for?

In finance, COE usually stand for Cost Of Equity. It is a financial relative cost due to investing/funding an investment/project using equity instead of debt. For more infor

How do you use standing army in a sentence?

"North Korea has the largest standing army of any nation its size."

What does the Army SPOT report stand for?

According to Joint Publication 1-02 (JP 1-02) "Department ofDefense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms" as amendedthrough 15 February 2016, a spot report (SPOTREP) is

What does fire-watch stand for in the army?

In any kind of open bay housing, be it a structure or tent, at least one person will be up at all times (it's typically done in one hour shifts). This is a fire watch. Respons

What does standing army mean?

A standing force is an active force which is maintained not only during wartime, but during peacetime, as well.
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What does LIK in the army stands for?

It stands for Lodging in Kind, which is a program that most Army Reserve units offer soldiers who live further than 50 miles from their home of record a place to staying durin
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What does MRI stand for in the US Army?

In the US Army, MRI usually stands for magnetic resonance imaging . That's what it stands for most other places, too. Also, it could be morning room inspection . There are a

What is standing armies?

A 'standing army' is the basic army that a country keeps up in time of peace. During wartime this would be aided by reserves and possibly conscripts.