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Alfred is an old Germanic name meaning wise counsel. Expanded answer: Alfred comes from Ælfræd which is Old English. It literally means Elf (Ælf) Council (Ræd). The Elves were wise supernatural beings, so to have their advice would make it "wise council".
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What is the meaning behind the painting The Lone Wolf by Alfred von Wierusz-Kowalski?

Answer . I think, like most art, the meaning is subjective, and only the artist could tell his specific intent, but when I look at this painting there are several possible

What is the meaning of the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes?

The highwayman and the young maiden are in love then a moron meddles in their love and tries to kill them both. Instead of allowing this, the young maiden willingly shoot hers
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What did Alfred wegener mean by peer review?

He ment getting another pair of eyes to check over his work tooutline any small or big mistakes and check if any thing needchanging before it gets published.

What is the meaning of agglomeration economics in Alfred Weber 's model?

The agglomeration-advantage is a distortion why a firm is not located at the minimum-transportcost location. Agglomeration gives an advantage to the firm because of two reason

Jesus preached the kingdom of God but we wound up with the church what did Alfred loisy mean by that?

Loisy was of a poor family and raised in a rural environ. His first encounter with other seminarians was a shock: he was snubbed and his devotional intellect was ridiculed. He