What does 375 mean on white gold?

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It means 37.5 percent gold, or 9 karat.
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What do markings on white gold mean?

Markings on white gold are normally placed to indicate the level ofpurity of the gold. Different manufacturers use varied types ofmarkings on their products.

What does 375 mean on the inside of a gold ring?

Gold. 9ct gold contains 37.5% pure gold (375 parts per thousand parts). . 14ct gold contains 58.5% pre gold (585 parts per thousand parts).. 18ct gold contains 75% pure go
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What does 375 gold filled mean on a bangle?

375 Gold filled usually means that the bangle has been made hollow with 9ct (375)_ is the hallmark for 9ct. Then filled with a less expensive material like silver or copper to
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What does 375 AC16 mean on a gold ring?

I have a 9ct gold ring (with pink sapphires) which has this marking on it, it is made by Angus & Coote jewellers. **375 stamp means 9ct gold - 37.5% pure gold, or 375 par
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Does 375 Italy mean its gold on a bracelet?

Most likely, yes. 375 is 37.5%; 9 karat gold. However, beware that people can easily buy and use stamps and stamp whatever they want as gold! Have it tested if you're further