What do you we need to get when we go to the hospital for delivering a baby?

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You do not go to the hospital. When the the end of the pregnancy comes (a few days) your sim will stop what she is doing and the baby will drop from the sky.
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What should you bring to the hospital when you go to have your baby?

Answer . Bring comfortable loose fitting clothes to wear home, footie socks for when in labor, rubber soled slippers and a robe. If aroma therapy is an option some lotion

Do you need to help a horse deliver a baby?

Yes, a horse who is delivering a foal needs supervision, and usually a helping hand or two, for things such as the afterbirth (placenta), assisting the foal in his first breat
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Where in a hospital do you deliver a baby?

When you choose to give birth in a hospital, you would usually give birth in a birth suite. The birth suit is generally centered around a bed, but would also contain equipment
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Why do astronauts need to go to the hospital?

Most astronauts have to go to the hospital anyways for a check up before they leave for space. Some astronauts get hurt or injured n space and may need to get tothe hospital w

How do i know when to go to hospital to have my baby?

. Your water may or may not break until you are fully dialated that's something you see in the movies. If your water breaks then yes, call your doctor. Don't call your doctor
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Do i need to go to the hospital?

Based on the symtoms you provided in the answer area (which havebeen removed) then the answers is seek qualified madical advice assoon as you can please. In addition tell a pa