What do you need to travel inside the us by airplane?

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Just a plane ticket!
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What does a child 3 0r 4 need to travel on airplane?

One really cool thing for a child of that age is the Trayblecloth, sold by www.lovetotravelproducts.com. It's a tray cover that slips over the airplane tray so it protects you

Illegal immigrants travel with in the us on airplane?

Whether or not an illegal in the country can travel within the US on an airplane is up for debate. I have one very good friend who is illegal, he snuck into the US six or seve
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Do you need a consent for your child to travel with grandparents inside the US?

No. There are no checkpoints as there are between countries so there is no way for the government to regulate that. It is perfectly legal for grandparents to travel in the US