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What do you do if you have shocked your pool and have been testing it but cannot get any chlorine to show up on the strips and you have put in over 30 chlorine tablets?

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You probably have the same problem I have - take a sample of your water to a pool store and have it tested. I did and needed to add alkalinity, pH enhancer, algaecide and one other chemical. You need a balance. Without doing this you could just continue to spin your wheels. IN ADDITION:Water can get full. Meaning the water cannot and will not absorb any more chemicals no matter how much you add. It may need to be softened with a brine or saltwater filter. This will remove a lot of the chemicals in the water that are not needed and allow the chlorine to be dispersed properly.
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Is there any way to remove dark spots or 'burn marks' after 30-inch chlorine tablets are left on the bottom of a gunite plaster pool?

The black (burn) marks show up on Gray plaster pools. White plaster pools will show up as a yellow or rust color. Remove the tabs and put them in a proper floating devise, the

Can you shock a salt pool with chlorine?

It would be fine to add chlorine, but do it in each corner of the pool. You will not do any harm to the system. Make sure your pool water is balanced. This requires a good pro

Do you need chlorine tablets in pool?

If you want the water to stay clean and disease-free, than yes. you dont NEED to use chlorine tablets. you can use the other kinds of chlorine there are.

Where do you put the chlorine tablet in an Intex pool?

You need to buy a dispenser in the pool section and put the tablet inside. Then place the dispenser into the water.. http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/184-8617042-3842165?

How do you neutralize chlorine and pool shock?

Your local pool supply store sells a product called... Chlorine neutralizer! Pool & Spa In order to maintain this type of pool, you need more than just to dump the chlorine

Is pool shock the same as chlorine?

There is chlorine shock and non chlorine shock. Fo chlorine shock, which is the normal shock, it is the same a s Chlorine but unstabilized, so it will not last in the pool ver

If after shocking with chlorine shock and still doesnt register on strips is pool safe to swim in?

Be careful when testing for chlorine. No chlorine will have a clear reading but too much chlorine will cause bleaching of the test reagent confusing you to think you have no c