What do you call a person who falls in love easily?

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Why do guys easily fall out of love?

It may seem that way as that's what they want us to believe because they are man, big strong and prideful but they hurt just like anyone else and don't get over things as it m

Why girls fall in love easily?

they don't always ANSWER: Not all of us do, we usually see if the man we are dating is the one that will captured our heart. But for some yes, maybe the man she is see

Why do you fall in love easily?

You usually fall in love because you think the guy/girl you like is the one you've always dreamed of, like good looking, good hair, good attitude, popularity, hot. Anyways, yo

Does Justin Bieber fall in love easily?

I don't know but if you have any way to talk to Justin Bieber then ask Justin and it seems like Justin Bieber does because of all the girlfriends he had and what all and I mea