What do projectors do?

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Projecters show a larger version on a screen or blank wall of what you are either teaching or watching. For example when i went to my friends house she has a projecter and we watched 'Get Smart' on her big blank wall in her house and she projected it on this little machine that you put the DVD in and it comes out the lense.
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What is a multimedia projector?

A multimedia projector would be one that can play different medias, such as having a PC input (VGA or DVI usually) and a composite (yellow, white and red) and component (red b

What is a projector?

A projector simply projects images onto a wall or projection screen. Projectors are typically used to increase the image size for viewing by audiences. Projectors come in a va

What is projector?

A projector is a machine that shines a reflection of an image or text onto the surface in front of it. Example: The music teacher shone the song lyrics onto the wall for the

What is an Infocus projector?

InFocus is a professional line of Home Theatre, Business, Corporate and Classroom projectors. They get good reviews, and some of their models are DLP and LCD. I personally o

What are profile projectors?

Also known as an optical comparator, or even called a shadowgraph, a profile projector is an optical instrument that can be used for measuring. It is a useful item in a small

Advantages of a projector?

Projectors have a few advantages such as larger picture ispossible, low cost and it saves space. There are some disadvantagessuch as a dark room is needed, maintenance and ins

What does projector mean?

An optical device for projecting a beam of light . An optical instrument that projects an enlarged image onto a screen

What is led projector?

LED projectors are very different than your typical DLP and LCD projectors as they do not require a typical projector lamp like their predecessors. Led projectors require less

What types of projector are there?

Modern projectors are either LCD or DLP based panels. Most medium-to large projectors use a halogen light source. Small 'pico' projectors use a LED light source.

What is data projector?

Data projectors are devices that project computer output onto a screen or wall. They are widely used in classrooms, offices, conference rooms, and auditoriums for instruction
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What is the point of a projector?

Projectors can be used for many different purposes. They can be used for presentations, such as PowerPoint presentations. They can also be used for home cinemas or for playing

What is overhead projector and projector?

An overhead projector is used to project an image of a transparencyonto a wall or screen by means of an overhead mirror. There are also "slide projectors" that are used to di