What do pandas do?

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They eat bamboo and reproduce on the news.
They EAT Bamboo and Sleep and they Walk.
Pandas are fun playful creatures that enjoy many things. A pandas greatest hobby is eating. They eat 99% bamboo although they will eat the occasional small bug or insect. When they are not eating they usually enjoy a quick swim, climb or they care for their cubs. They sleep for many hours of the day. That's basically the average day of a panda.
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What do pandas do in bamboo?

What does a bear do in the woods? What does a duck do in the water? What do dogs do on your living room floor when they can't get out side? Pandas also use bamboo for shelte

What do pandas do most of their time?

eat bamboo poo sleep eat bamboo poo sleep eat bamboo poo sleep basically they are boring oh btw baby pandas play alot...they are more fun

What do pandas do during the day?

i think that they sit and stare. Let me tack that back... They are sooo cute and they rome the forests of bamboo. Young pandas are very playful.

What do pandas do to defend themselves?

Pandas protect themselves in a variety of ways. They use use their physical strength and strong jaw muscles. Since they also learn how to climb trees at a very young age, they