What did they eat on Thanksgiving?

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What do you eat at Thanksgiving?

- Turkey -Ham -Green Bean Casserole -Stuffing -Cranberries -Beets -Pumpkin Pie -Banana Pudding -Sweet potatoes -Mashed Potatoes -Macaroni & Cheese -Macaroni Salad -Deviled Egg

What to eat on Thanksgiving?

Gather all your freinds and family together and be thankful for each other's company and of course enjoy your huge feast.

What do we eat on Thanksgiving?

We eat: Turkey Cranberry sauce Stuffing Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Green Beans Candy yams Tuna casserole Rolls Deviled eggs For dessert... pie i guess :)

What they did not eat at Thanksgiving?

In 1621, the Pilgrims' wheat crop had failed, so they did not have any flour. They were almost out of sugar and they did not have ovens, so they did not bake any pies. The h