What did the french want to establish in the US?

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What did the french want to establish in the americas

The French Revolution wanted to establish human rights What did the leaders of this revolution claim was the source of these rights?

The French Revolution called for liberty, equality and fraternity,and they sought the rights that were given to free and independentpeople. They sought what the Enlightenment

Why did the french want to show friendship with us?

usa were their allies in the war. they gave us the statute of liberty in appreciation. the statute travelled all over America so the citizens could view the gift. when a count

You want to learn french can anyone help us?

French is a rather complicated language. The advantage for English speakers is that English vocabulary has a large part of words of French origin. That said, it is really diff

For gcse if i want to be a doctor is spanish or french more useful?

You should invest your time learning the language that you will have the most likelihood of speaking. If you stay in the US, Spanish will no doubt prove more useful. If you in