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Seth. Son of Adam and Eve, born in the 130th year of Adam's life in mortality (Luke 3:38; Moses 6:1-3; 6:9-11). A prophet and patriarch, he was ordained by Adam at the age of 69 years. He is called "a perfect man, and his likeness was the express likeness of his father, insomuch that he seemed to like unto his father in all things" The record says he lived 912 years (Gen. 5:8; There is little to show in scripture what Seth did, but no doubt like his father Adam he preached the gospel to his brothers and sisters and lived a righteous life.
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Who was seth?

Seth is Adam and Eve's third son, the son to replace Abel because Cain murdered Abel

What did Seth do for the Egyptians?

He was Pharaoh of Egypt after he killed his brother Osiris. He cut him up into pieces before hiding them in 14 differnet locations. Osiris' wife Isis recovered the body parts

Who is Seth Weddle?

He is the lead guitarist of a local Northville band called Walk Your Bike .. A current freshman at EMU, Elizaseth Bartholmew Lawrence Weddle can be found around campus playi

Who will play seth?

BooBoo Stewart (no relation to Kristen Stewart) is playing Seth in the Eclipse movie. (probably in Breaking Dawn also)

Is seth fat?

Seth maytubbie is skinny and he is in Oklahoma 73110 Midwestcity he goes to jarman middle school and his number 405-503-4100 and he wears purple jackets and he is cute and you

Who will be seth clearwater?

i hear that booboo is up for the role. yeah i believe Boo Boo Stewart has got the role. His youtube is ren4165 and his twitter is mammarazzi1. He wont confirm it to me on you

What did seth do in The Bible?

Seth was the son of Adam and Eve, "in the place of Abel, because Cain killed him". Seth then fathered Enosh and lived to be 912 years old. Seth is only mentioned in the Bible

Is seth awesome?

That depends. Are you talking about Seth Clearwater? He is one of my favorate twilight characters and is certainly "awesome".

Who are the Seth children?

At the age of 105 years Seth became father to Enosh. His son's nameis listed in the genealogies at 1 Chronicles 1:1 and Luke 3:38.